Why Poursteady?

Specialty coffee is everywhere, and with that, pour-over is more popular than ever, and though this process can be a nice, slow ritual at home, in a cafe setting that kind of pace it can be a tall order.

In the traditional method, baristas have to manage an intense focus on brewing, while also handling other drinks, awaiting customers, and any of the other dozen things going on at the cafe at the time.

This is what Poursteady is here to help with.

So what does a Poursteady do? 

With an under-counter boiler, the Poursteady dispenses hot water in 10 programmable and repeatable pour patterns. You choose how much water, how many pours, what pour pattern and size of pattern you want to produce the best coffee. When you’re happy with your recipe you can save it, and assign it to one or all of the stations. This means you can brew 3-5 distinct recipes at the exact same time, without sacrificing the quality and care customers expect from specialty coffee.

Poursteady is a cutting edge way to lessen the load on the barista, and keep your pour-overs consistent and quick. With either the 3 cup or 5 cup model, you’re able to program recipes with ease on our app, so you can consistently present a diverse array of offerings, all while you focus on the other important things like connecting with customers.

Poursteady untethers the barista from the stationary, all consuming mode of pour-over, without sacrificing on quality. In addition it can serve as a beautiful centerpiece to any cafe bar, and lets customers know immediately that you’re invested in providing the best product. All without sacrificing the small batch, intentional brewing of a beautiful cup of pour-over coffee.

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