Automated Pour-over Coffee Machines

Designed by robotics engineers, carefully crafted and assembled in the USA.


5-cup system

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For coffee shops, roasters, or training labs that make a lot of pour-over. Easily handle a number of pour-over profiles at one time.


3-cup system

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A great addition to any bar that is short on space and still needs the speed, flexibility, and precision of a Poursteady.


2-cup system

New design, smaller footprint, and integrated boiler.
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Why Poursteady?

Olympia, WA


Make pour-over coffee just as fast as espresso without changes to your staffing or training.


Each pour-over is perfectly repeatable with the press of the button.

Custom Recipes

Dial-in your pour-overs by controlling the number of pours, amount of water, shape and size of the pour patterns, and the time between each pour.

Share to Multiple Locations

Instantly share your recipes to all your customers, organizations, and locations from a single user interface.

“Besides its beautiful, eye-catching design, our custom made Poursteady helps speed up our brewing process (while still maintaining the quintessential flavor) as well as gives me the opportunity to explore different brewing options. A true sidekick on this venture!”
Khuyên Lê

Lê Phin, New York City

“Poursteady is the single most important tool to help us achieve consistent single-cup quality no matter which location a guest is served from. My wholesale customers have found success with them as a tool to increase margins on pour-overs, save on training expenses, and decrease waste too. I highly recommend them to new businesses that want to grow without sacrificing cup quality.”
Honor Forte

Olympia Coffee, Washington

“We use Poursteady in all of our locations for three reasons: superior barista experience, superior customer experience and a superior coffee experience. We would never go back to manual, we are spoiled!”
Geoffrey Meeker

French Truck Coffee, New Orleans

Support & Learn

We’re here to help. Send a note to our support team to start a conversation to keep your Poursteady up and running smoothly.

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