Poursteady makes
pour-over better.

Why Poursteady?

A busy barista’s best friend.

Let the precision of the automatic pour-over coffee makers handle the pouring and measuring while you make sure the grind is right and your customers are happy.

Poursteady Precision

Precision engineering, quality manufacturing.

Founded by robotics engineers, each Poursteady pour-over machine is carefully assembled with the best industrial components. We test each machine for hundreds of cycles at our facility in Brooklyn before it goes out the door.

Your expertise, your pour-over.

You choose the coffee, grind, and dripper. You set the temperature with the boiler. You dial-in the recipes with the app.

Our Story

We have been making automated pour-over coffee machines for retail coffee businesses all over the world since 2015.

Poursteady founders Stuart Heys and Stephan von Muehlen at the 2015 Maker Faire in NYC.

It might not only mean a shorter wait, it might mean a better cup altogether.

A little nozzle zips back and forth, twirling out measured amounts of water in a computer-controlled spiral, resulting in coffee that is clinically, empirically, gastronomically Just Right.