Why Pour-over?

With the boom of specialty coffee roasters over the last few decades and high quality coffee being grown all around the world, more and more people have become interested in tasting the wealth of unique coffees available at their fingertips. By brewing a single cup or small batch using the “pour-over” method, you will have the control needed to bring out a coffee’s full potential, and produce an extremely clear, clean tasting cup of coffee free of the oily, sludgy coffee of days past.

Pour-over is the simple process of pouring measured amounts of water over coffee grounds. The process is simple, but the technique, ratios, and timing can create very different cups of coffee. This is why we believe pour-over is the best way to brew specialty coffee beans – so that you can get the most flavor out of each and every cup.

Though pour-over has existed in some form or another for over a century, this brew process can still seem intimidating or overly complicated at the start. But with a good bag of beans, clean water, and a few simple tools, it can be a very meditative, calming, daily ritual.

To get started at home you’ll need:

– A brewer, our favorites are: Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex
– Filters
– Gooseneck kettle
– Scale
– Burr Grinder
– Good, fresh, whole bean coffee

A scale is needed to measure your coffee and water doses, and help create repeatable recipes and ratios, a gooseneck kettle to control flow of water, and a good burr grinder, either hand cranked or electric, to ensure a consistent, fresh grind to get an even extraction.

The rise of this kind of intentional, careful, informed brewing has gained popularity alongside other trends in food and drink: to slow down the process and be more mindful about what and how we consume. And though this process can be a great way to ease into your own day, or take that much needed mid-day break, in a cafe setting that slowed down process can bring a halt to service, which is where Poursteady comes in.

The Poursteady lightens the load for baristas, allowing them to interact more directly with customers, make espresso drinks, or focus on any of the myriad of things they’re tasked with doing to keep their service speedy. All without sacrificing the quality found in a cup of pour-over coffee, without the training and resources required to do it by hand.

In addition it’s a great showpiece, an added attraction to any cafe counter, and an instant indication to any customer that your cafe takes coffee seriously.
So whether you do it in the way it’s been done for over a century, or bring it into the now with a Poursteady, making great coffee calls for pour-over.

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