Why Poursteady?

“Besides its beautiful, eye-catching design, our custom made Poursteady helps speed up our brewing process (while still maintaining the quintessential flavor) as well as gives me the opportunity to explore different brewing options. A true sidekick on this venture!”
Khuyên Lê, Le Phin

“Poursteady is the single most important tool to help us achieve consistent single-cup quality no matter which location a guest is served from. My wholesale customers have found success with them as a tool to increase margins on pour-overs, save on training expenses, and decrease waste too. I highly recommend them to new businesses that want to grow without sacrificing cup quality.”
Honor Forte, Olympia Coffee

“We use Poursteady in all of our locations for three reasons: superior barista experience, superior customer experience and a superior coffee experience. We would never go back to manual, we are spoiled!”
Geoffrey Meeker, French Truck Coffee

PS1-3c in action at Stereoscope Coffee

Better coffee, less guessing

Our products provide consistency and repeatability across cups, cafes, and baristas, and turn pour-over from a time and labor-intensive task to a simple push of a button.

Reduce cost, increase quality

Poursteady coffees are made-to-order, so you never have to risk throwing away another coffee again. Customers have found ROI on Poursteady in under 6 months through eliminating coffee waste, and saving on staffing.

Elegant design, fluid motion

Poursteady is a captivating showpiece for any cafe bar, and lets customers know immediately that you’re invested in providing the best product. That’s the kind of show that will keep them coming back again and again. 

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