Waste less money, make better coffee

PS1-3c in action at Stereoscope Coffee

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Reduce costs, increase quality

With batch brew you risk throwing away a lot of coffee–or serving good coffee past its prime. With Poursteady, coffees are made-to-order, so you never have to risk throwing away another coffee again. Customers have found ROI on Poursteady in under 6 months through eliminating coffee waste, and saving staffing.

“Poursteady is an option that requires less training”  – Elika, coffee influencer

Training made easier

With Poursteady, pour-over coffees go from a time and labor intensive task to a simple button press. Our machines provide consistency and repeatability across cafes and between baristas, and save you on labor costs and training.

“I found my baristas looking down at scales, rather than [talking] to people.” 
– Heather, Chain Cafe Owner

Hands-on Hospitality, Hands-free Pour-over

Poursteady allows your baristas to focus on the important thing: engaging with customers. We all know that a better customer experience makes a repeat customer, and the Poursteady helps you do just that. 

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