Perfect pour-over coffee,

at the press of a button.

PS1-3c in action

Let’s talk:

“I found my baristas looking down at scales, rather than [talking] to people.” 
– Heather, Chain Cafe Owner

Hands-on Hospitality, Hands-free Pour-over

Poursteady allows your baristas to focus on the important thing: engaging with customers. We all know that a better customer experience makes a repeat customer, and the Poursteady helps you do just that. 
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“[Poursteady] is an option that requires less training”  – Elika, coffee influencer

Training made easier

With Poursteady, pour-over coffees go from a time and labor intensive task to a simple button press. Our machines provide consistency and repeatability across cafes and between baristas.

“The theater of it is why people would get a Poursteady.”
– Chad, chain owner

Tech savvy coffee

The Poursteady blends the art of pour-over coffee with automation, information technology, and design to create a showpiece on your cafe bar. 

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