3.3.17 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

WiFi Connectivity
You can now connect your PS2 to the internet via wifi using the wifi dongle in your upcoming care package. Having your machine online will help  our team remotely diagnose any issues and update the software on future releases.

Over-The-Air Updates
We’ve worked out some challenges that prevented over-the-air (OTA) updates and can now deploy software updates remotely while your PS2 is connected to Wifi or Ethernet. Updates typically take about twenty minutes to an hour to install, and your recipes will be saved. Once you’re connected, let our team know, and we’ll update your PS2’s software.


Stuck Nozzle
On 3.3.14, you may have noticed the nozzle occasionally getting stuck at the start of a pour and staying there until you cancel it. We’ve seen positive results from a targeted fix and have yet to see it again, but let us know if you see it happen on 3.3.17.

Known Issues

While 3.3.17 has been testing well in its targeted bug fixes, there are some other issues we’re still figuring out. If any of the bugs listed prevent operation, you should: 

  1. Reboot your PS2
  2. If that doesn’t solve it, swap your SD Card to see if the bug is persistent.
  3. Contact us at to let us know what you’ve seen. We will help! 

Motion Desyncing
Some users witnessed motion issues when the machine received less water than it was tuned to, either from pinches in the line or cavitation from different altitudes. We’ve tuned up some motion handling to avoid it being affected.

UI Guardrails and Mid-Brew Recipe Details
We noticed that brewing and editing recipes simultaneously could cause trouble on the machine, but we still want to make that possible for users. For now, you’ll be able to view recipe details and start to edit them, but you’ll be locked out of saving any changes until the machine is done brewing. You can “Save-As-New” while it’s brewing, but be sure to change the recipe’s name until we add proper name-versioning to that feature.

Intermittent Heater Failure
Our team has focused on tackling this critical bug, and the results have progressed well. We’re still fine-tuning and validating it, but we expect to make an early June release that addresses the intermittent heater failure issue and improves that functionality overall. Until we release that, you should change SD cards and reboot if you see this happening. 

Unresponsive Knobs
We’re having a tough time reproducing and understanding this one, but occasionally the knobs will become “unclickable” while still allowing users to scroll through the menu. If you or your team has any insight into what activity might cause this on your machine, it’ll help our team reproduce the issue and build a fix for it. If you do encounter it, rebooting the machine fixes the issue.

Ready Screen Shutdown
This one seems pretty rare, but we’ve had a couple of reports of machines crashing at the end of a recipe. It’s a very inconsistent occurrence, and the machine recovers from it every time. The issue’s rarity and regular recovery make it challenging for our team to reproduce and resolve it. If you think you have any insight into how to cause it consistently, we’re eager to hear from you. 

Save-as-New Versioning
When using “Save-As-New” for a recipe, the title will stay the same. Be sure to edit the title so you know which one’s the new one!

We thank you again for being our earliest PS2 adopters! If you have any feedback, or if any issues arise, please do not hesitate to reach out to and we’ll be happy to help.