Perfect pour-over coffee,
every time.

Poursteady is an automated pour-over coffee machine that brings unprecedented speed, precision, and reliability to high-end commercial coffee retailers–and better coffee to discerning customers. Combining precision motion-control, elegant design, and beautiful fabrication–our system makes up to five cups of pour-over coffee simultaneously with a single barista at the helm.

Why Pour-over coffee?

Pour-over is a more careful, patient and precise process of making a cup of coffee. But is it really that different than any regular cup of brewed coffee? The answer is “yes,” and here’s why:

It’s brewed just
for you

By brewing a single cup of coffee when you order it, you know that the coffee hasn’t been sitting in the pot for hours before you got there. Sure, it’s obvious, but it also makes a huge difference.

Consistent water temperature

If the water is not hot enough the full spectrum of flavors is not being extracted. If the water is too close to boiling, it damages the grounds. That leaves only a very narrow band of temperatures optimal for brewing the highest quality coffee. A good barista is – or should be – monitoring the water temperature carefully.

An Even Extraction
of flavor

The goal of brewing any cup of coffee is to consistently extract all of the flavors from all of the grounds. If the grounds are not evenly exposed to the water passing through the filter, or if the water only goes through the center, those grounds are over-saturated while the ones on the outside remain unsaturated. Those careful spirals matter!

An infusion
of love

Pour-over is usually reserved for only the best beans. If you are going to go through the trouble of finding the best beans roasted to perfection, it makes sense to go through the trouble of brewing them with the same attention to detail.

Poursteady Beta Release

We are launching a leasing program with an early release of
10 machines. We are interested in partnering each machine with the right coffee shop, restaurant or vendor.

Fill out the form at the link below and we’ll contact you
if we think it’s a good fit!

News & Updates


Featured at Joe Coffee’s Pro Shop in NYC

Come by the Joe Coffee HQ on January 22 at noon and 3pm to see the machine in actions. We will be demo’ing the Poursteady in back of the their premier location at 131 West 21st Street in Manhattan. These folks are some of the best in the business, and we are honored to showcase our wares there.

insert coin backstage

We won the Judge’s Choice award!

We had a great weekend at Engadget’s Expand conference. Not only did we serve 845 pour-overs to the good people who stopped by, we also took home the Judge’s Choice award at the Insert Coin competition! Stephan took to the stage Friday to pitch for Poursteady and did great…but it definitely didn’t hurt that the judges could smell the coffee from their seats. Even after some tough love at the finals on Sunday–”go sell some coffee already, no excuses.”–the judges awarded us the award. We are humbled and thankful for their vote of confidence and are happy to put the prize money right back into building the company. Thank you!

Check out the story on Engadget here:

anna at javitz_cropped

Poursteady at the Engadget Expand conference

We seem to be settling into a groove. The Poursteady can officially make 400 cups of coffee a day without breaking a sweat. Thanks to Toyota we brought our cart to the Javitz Center and set up shop in the Prius Lounge both Friday and Saturday.

Friday started a little late, but 401 cups felt like good day’s work.

The doors opened at 10 on Saturday, and by 6pm we were 444 cups in. The line stayed stacked both days. It’s a good gig, giving the people what they want. Turns out that’s usually coffee.

At Your Event


We’ll bring our machine
and really good coffee,
to you.

We have a cart with the Poursteady machine built in. We can wheel it wherever you’d like to go, serving a lot of really great coffee to you and your guests at your next wedding, corporate event or party.

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