Perfect pour-over coffee,
every time.

Poursteady is an automated pour-over coffee machine that brings unprecedented speed, precision, and reliability to high-end commercial coffee retailers–and better coffee to discerning customers. Combining precision motion-control, elegant design, and beautiful fabrication–our system makes up to five cups of pour-over coffee simultaneously with a single barista at the helm.



We’ll bring our machine
and really good coffee,
to you.

We have a cart with the Poursteady machine built in. We can wheel it wherever you’d like to go, serving a lot of really great coffee to you and your guests at your next wedding, corporate event or party.

News & Updates

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Our Kickstarter is live!

If you want to get some fine Poursteady swag–or if you want to be one of the first businesses to purchase a machine–check out our Kickstarter campaign. There will be lots of updates with information about the company, our partners, and our products. We would love your support. Check it out here.

insert coin backstage

We won the Judge’s Choice award!

We had a great weekend at Engadget’s Expand conference. Not only did we serve 845 pour-overs to the good people who stopped by, we also took home the Judge’s Choice award at the Insert Coin competition! Stephan took to the stage Friday to pitch for Poursteady and did great…but it definitely didn’t hurt that the judges could smell the coffee from their seats. Even after some tough love at the finals on Sunday–”go sell some coffee already, no excuses.”–the judges awarded us the award. We are humbled and thankful for their vote of confidence and are happy to put the prize money right back into building the company. Thank you!

Check out the story on Engadget here:

anna at javitz_cropped

Poursteady at the Engadget Expand conference

We seem to be settling into a groove. The Poursteady can officially make 400 cups of coffee a day without breaking a sweat. Thanks to Toyota we brought our cart to the Javitz Center and set up shop in the Prius Lounge both Friday and Saturday. Friday started a little late, but 401 cups felt like good day’s work. The doors opened at 10 on Saturday, and by 6pm we were 444 cups in. The line stayed stacked both days. It’s a good gig, giving the people what they want. Turns out that’s usually coffee.

Who we are


Stuart Heys

Stuart Heys is a mechanical engineer, roboticist, and machinist living in Brooklyn. After earning an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University he worked for five years in CMU’s robotics institute. While there he developed mobile robots for NASA, DARPA, the Office of Naval Research and Boeing. Since 2005 he has run his own robotics consultancy and machine shop, designing and building systems for dozens of clients, ranging from artists and architects to NASA and the US Navy. His work has appeared all over the world, from the Chilean high desert and arctic circle to MoMA and the Venice Biennale.


Mark Sibenac

Mark Sibenac has extensive experience engineering autonomous land and sea-based mobile robots, laboratory automation equipment, and electronic art. His robots have been used to map the seafloor, discover meteorites in Antarctica, assist in high-throughput drug discovery, and demonstrate the state-of-the-art technology for unmanned ground combat vehicles. He specializes in systems level engineering focusing on electronics, communications, and motion control.


Stephan von Muehlen

Stephan is a product designer based in Brooklyn. He graduated from the Joint Program in Design from Stanford and has worked as a designer, engineer, and fabricator on a variety projects–ranging from theater to sculpture, consumer electronics to robotics, architectural interiors to small boats. Stephan was formerly a founder and Design Director for EnergyHub, a technology startup that creates hardware and software to help people use less electricity in the home.


Greg Mihalko

Greg is a designer, artist, activist and the founder of Partner & Partners, a small design practice in New York focusing on print, exhibition, interactive and identity work with clients and collaborators in art, architecture, public spaces and activism. His work ranges from books and printmaking to software and hardware design. He is also a co-organizer of the Interference Archive and the Sunview Luncheonnette. He holds a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design.