Perfect pour-over coffee,
every time.

Poursteady is an automated pour-over coffee machine that brings unprecedented speed, precision, and reliability to high-end commercial coffee retailers–and better coffee to discerning customers. Combining precision motion-control, elegant design, and beautiful fabrication–our system makes up to five cups of pour-over coffee simultaneously with a single barista at the helm.

Why Pour-over coffee?

Pour-over is a more careful, patient and precise process of making a cup of coffee. But is it really that different than any regular cup of brewed coffee? The answer is “yes,” and here’s why:

It’s brewed just
for you

By brewing a single cup of coffee when you order it, you know that the coffee hasn’t been sitting in the pot for hours before you got there. Sure, it’s obvious, but it also makes a huge difference.

Consistent water temperature

If the water is not hot enough the full spectrum of flavors is not being extracted. If the water is too close to boiling, it damages the grounds. That leaves only a very narrow band of temperatures optimal for brewing the highest quality coffee. A good barista is – or should be – monitoring the water temperature carefully.

An Even Extraction
of flavor

The goal of brewing any cup of coffee is to consistently extract all of the flavors from all of the grounds. If the grounds are not evenly exposed to the water passing through the filter, or if the water only goes through the center, those grounds are over-saturated while the ones on the outside remain unsaturated. Those careful spirals matter!

An infusion
of love

Pour-over is usually reserved for only the best beans. If you are going to go through the trouble of finding the best beans roasted to perfection, it makes sense to go through the trouble of brewing them with the same attention to detail.

Poursteady 1.0 is now available!

News & Updates


Poursteady at Cafe Grumpy!

We are proud to announce that we reached a very real milestone here at Poursteady: The first production-ready version of the Poursteady 1.0 is now installed and making coffee in the real world!

Last night we met up after hours with the crew at Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea to set up the machine and dial it in.
It was great seeing the machine on the counter…looking like it was just meant to be there. It was even better watching Caroline and the team making coffee, tweaking the recipe, and getting it ready for business today.

This test-run should last about a month, but we hope this to be the first of many installations and the beginning of a long and happy relationship with one of our favorite coffee shops.


We won the Best New Product at SCAA!

This is huge. Last week the Steady Equipment Corporation (that’s us) launched the Poursteady 1.0 at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) 27th annual Exposition in Seattle. SCAA is the biggest coffee industry trade show in the world–with over 10,000 attendees and a global audience. We are thrilled to report that–not only did we take our first orders–*we took home the Best New Product award for Coffee or Tea Preparation & Serving (Commercial).*

There is no way to overstate how honored we are. We knew all along that we were making something this industry needed, we just didn’t know that we would be acknowledged with this award so soon. Thanks for everyone’s support!

See the official results here.


Featured at Joe Coffee’s Pro Shop in NYC

Come by the Joe Coffee HQ on January 22 at noon and 3pm to see the machine in actions. We will be demo’ing the Poursteady in back of the their premier location at 131 West 21st Street in Manhattan. These folks are some of the best in the business, and we are honored to showcase our wares there.

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